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Solo Exhibitions

2011  Phoenix Gallery, New York, NY  Oct. 5th – 29th.

2010  Golden Dawn Gallery, Santa Fe, NM  

2011 Phoenix Gallery, New York, NY Oct. 5th – 29th.

2010  Golden Dawn Gallery, Santa Fe, NM  June 18th – July 18th

2010  Phoenix Gallery, New York, NY April 28th – May 22nd

2007 Galleria on Third New York, NY Oct. 31st-Nov. 23rd

2004 Lyceum Gallery, Suffolk County Community College, NY March 1st-29th

2004 Art Basil Maimi, FL December 2nd 6th

1998 T. Curtis' noc Gallery. N. Miami, FL Oct. 2nd- Nov. 14th

1996 Touch Gallery. Library for the Blind, Philadelphia, PA Nov.-January

1996 Peter Bonnier Gallery, New York, NY Oct. 3rd-Oct. 30th

1995 The Felt Factory, Piqua, OH Nov.

1995 Gallery B.A.I. New York, NY April 4th-29th

1994 Lyons Gallery, Delray Beach, FL Oct. 24-Nov. 29

1994 Art Institute for the Permian Bassin, Odessa, TX August 24th-Oct. 2nd

1986 St. Andrews Club, Delray Beach, FL Oct. - Nov

1984 Collectors Gallery, Dayton, OH February

1981 Contemporary Media Study Center, Dayton, OH April – June

1972 John Bolles Gallery, San Francisco, CA July 24th-August 18th

1971 Canrobert Gallery, Los Angeles, CA Oct. - Nov

1961 Hunt-Morgan Museum, Lexington, KY September

1961 Closson's Gallery, Cincinnati, OH Oct. - Nov

Group exhibitions

2019 Rockland Art Center  Oct – Nov 

2013 Kelowna Art Gallery, British Columbia, Canada Jan 12 – March 17

2012 4th Biennale of Contemporary Art of the ONCE Foundation, Madrid, Spain Sept 6th – Oct 18th

2011 Passionate Focus 2011 May 12 – May 21st.

2010 Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC June 9th – Sept 20th

2010 Golden Dawn Gallery, Santa Fe, NM March 26th - April 30th

2010 Armory Show, NY March 4th-7th

2009 Art First, Princeton, NJ May-June

2009 Phoenix Gallery, NY March 4th-28th

2009 Armory Show with VSA, NY March 6th-8th

2007 National Exhibition for blind Artists, Philadelphia, PA Sept. 23rd- Oct. 23rd

2004 New York Underground Art Fair New York, NY May 14th-16th

2004 Scope Show,  New York, NY March

1999 National Exhibition for Blind Artists, NJ Sept. 15th- Nov. 14th

1997 Antioch College, Yellow Springs, OH Nov.-Dec.

1996 “Art Beyond Sight” *NEBA Pittsburgh, PA April-May

1996 Scott Foresman, Chicago, IL April-May

1995 “Art Beyond Sight” NEBA Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA Sept. 25th –Oct. 31st

1994 “Exhuberant Expressions” Dayton Visual Art Center, 
Dayton, OH Nov.-Dec.

1994 “Friends of Stanley”, The Checkered Moon Gallery, Savannah, GA Nov.

1994 “Woodstock 94” Saugerties, NY August 13th-14th

1993 “Insights 93” American Printing House for the Blind, Inc Louisville, KY; Kentucky State Fair, Lexington, KY; Duke University, Durham,  NC  Aug. 19th-Nov. 30th

1992 “All Member Exhibition” Dayton Visual Art Center, 
Dayton, OH  Oct.

1990 “Spotlight on GA Artists” The Trinity School Art 
Auction, Atlanta, GA February

1989 “Spotlight on Georgia Artists” Atlanta, GA February

1988 “All Florida Artists EXHIBITION” Helander Gallery, Palm Beach, FL August

1986 “Florida Artists Exhibition” Gallery 600, Largo, FL Nov.

1983 “Ohio River Corridor Exhibition” Edison State College,
Piqua, OH April

1972 “Florida Artists Exhibition” Gallery 600, Largo, FL Nov.

Permanent museum collections

2015 911 Memorial Museum New York, NY Permanent

2005 New Britain Museum, New Britain CT Permanent

1961 Hunt Morgan Museum, Lexington, KY Permanent

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